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The livingroom is the centre of the house and it’s important to keep this space alive, especially your sofa. It’s expensive to change your seating-area every month, so you’ll have to think smart. Buy new cushions! For spring you can choose light and bright colors and when the summer is over, the darker ones are pretty on your sofa. Remember, it’s doesn’t have to be pricey to update your house, just be creative. These sexy cushions will bright up the room the moment they lay down on your sofa!


From left to right: 1. Green cushion, € 22,95  € 2. Silver glamour, € 22,95 3. Pinky snake, € 45,95 4. Fluffy fur, € 59,95 5.  Virgin white, €17,95 6. Paisley, € 22,95 7. Brodery, € 44,95

All by www.Zarahome.com


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