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Do you remember our weekly ‘exorcism, I mean exorcise’ from a few weeks ago? Well Les Fabuleux Deux did a life changing thing today… We signed up for the Ladiesrun! Off course we chose the shortest run and we could always walk if we can’t keep up… But just think about the gorgeous pink running sneakers and tights we are about to buy! Yes, we know. We still need to practise. A lot. However, first the weather needs to be a little better, a little warmer. Then we can start our training. Run baby run! But only in the sun…


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Working out, there is nothing more difficult than dragging myself to the gym or the parc. Honestly, I’d love to be the perfect example of an athlete but I’m not and I will never be. For several times I fooled myself that I was making an effort to start with my new sporty life. After I bought tons of cute gym outfits, pink running shoes, bottles of healthy wheatgrass juice, I found myself still sitting in my livingroom watching Dr. Phil.


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