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Do you remember our weekly ‘exorcism, I mean exorcise’ from a few weeks ago? Well Les Fabuleux Deux did a life changing thing today… We signed up for the Ladiesrun! Off course we chose the shortest run and we could always walk if we can’t keep up… But just think about the gorgeous pink running sneakers and tights we are about to buy! Yes, we know. We still need to practise. A lot. However, first the weather needs to be a little better, a little warmer. Then we can start our training. Run baby run! But only in the sun…


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Hello Monday, time to detox all your fat fast food from the weekend! Well, I have to be honest. At first the thought of drinking spinach made me want to vomit. I love to eat, I like almost every kind of food and if someone would come by with some sweet treats, I’ll will probably never say no. However, just like almost everybody, I do want to look good in my summer outfits. Therefore, last week I thought to myself I need to start a healthier lifestyle. Out with the sugar, in with the vegetables! I drank ‘green’ smoothies every morning the whole week and to my astonishment they tasted delicious. Even though they look more brown than green. But I can assure you, you don’t even taste the spinach. This morning I totally forgot about all the chocolate I did ate during the week and decided to continue with my healthy green smoothie lifestyle. And for the first time, it really was green!

Ingredients for 2 green smoothies
– juice from 2 oranges
– 125 grams of mango
– 1 banana
– 125 grams of spinach

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